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Conclusion For An Essay On Ww1 deljame




themselves, 'What exactly is the American character?', 'Does this country have any prospects for the future?' [@bib1], [@bib2]. These questions did not arise in isolation, for war was not the first external event to confront the United States. The Revolutionary War had divided the American colonies. The War of 1812 was both a continuation of the War of Independence and a new war. The Mexican War was 'a very different kind of war' [@bib3]. Unlike in the War of Independence, most men were conscripted into the US Army. The Mexican War caused considerable internal disruption and led to increased concern with America's long-term prospects. World War I was a different kind of war. Although it continued the struggle for independence, it was not a continuation of the War of Independence. It was also unlike the previous wars in the United States. In the first place, most people were drafted into the armed forces. In the Second World War, it was voluntary. In addition, the American Civil War had united the country and it had been a war between two .World wars could not be so easily assimilated into American history. After the First World War, the United States experienced economic disruption that was not anticipated. This was echoed in the Second World War, when US involvement in the war did not go beyond military intervention . This paper examines the implications of the First World War for the US. It was a major driver of the end of the American chapter of the last [@bib4], [@bib5] to the American Civil War. The United States' war effort was based on mobilisation rather than conscription. On 23 April 1917, President Woodrow Wilson made a speech in which he appealed for 'cooperation in the production of all the munitions of war.' This announcement was quickly taken up by Congress. On 7 August 1917, a War Industries Board was created by the President to allocate resources to the war effort. By January 1918, over 3,000 factories were making war goods in the US [@bib6]. The role of women in the war effort was particularly important. Women were employed in the clothing industries and in the production of textiles and food. At the war's end, women had already been employed in military offices and in work on munitions and aircraft [@bib7]. The war not only produced many changes in the United States,




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Conclusion For An Essay On Ww1 deljame
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