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Night Owl Teepee Rentals

Through Night Owl Teepee Rentals, our sister company we offer teepee rentals for all of your special celebrations such as birthday parties and sleepover parties. All you have to do is pick a theme from one of our themes below or request a custom theme and leave the rest to us! We come do the set-up and take-down so you can just relax and be the hero to your child!

Themes Available


Rainbows & Unicorns

Mario Bros






Child playing with a teepee.jpg

Every child deserves one of those magical moments that simply takes their breath away. A moment that becomes a memory that they will never forget. As a mother of two, my kids had many sleepovers. How Night Owl Teepee came to be is for my daughter's birthday, I was out of ideas and a friend had given me the suggestion of doing a sleepover teepee party for her. I booked one up and the look on my daughter's face the day she saw the set-up, and what mommy had been up to was priceless. Her tears of joy, her hugs, even the kindest, sweetest note she wrote me afterwards I will cherish forever. 

It was this magical experience, that inspired me to bring this type of joy to other kids and parents in the area. I very much look forward to creating magical experiences like these for other kids! Leave it up to Night Owl Teepee Rentals to do all the set-up and all you have to do mom & dad is be the ultimate hero once again. 


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